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又到聖誕,又到聖誕,又到聖誕冇今年咁嘆,Santa Claus is coming to town.HKID Gallery助你以最相宜的服務費寄賣於甲級商場!實現手作夢!Handmade Aroma Diffuser聖誕特別版,配飾可隨意擺放,香味有充滿浪漫感既蘭花,甜蜜既小蒼蘭,仲有溫柔既梔子花。快啲到寶琳新都城 D Barn 聞下啦!

SMART CREATION 進駐香港灣仔會展店,位於香港灣仔港灣道1號香港會議展覽中心地下。推動本地品牌知名度的宣傳平台,引證香港作為創意之都的地位。凡於灣仔分店購物淨價滿$300就可以獲得神秘禮物一份,切勿錯過!

Karen Aruba是一位自學成才的香港插畫師 , 擅長於日常旅遊及文化藝術取材 ,以細膩的針筆素描 , 創意遊走每一角落 , 勾畫和平快樂的城市景觀... Karen Aruba is a self-taught illustrator based in Hong Kong specializing in sketching related to travel and cultural theme. With a passion for art, she derives inspiration from everything she comes across by incorporating themes of travel, energy, peace and happiness.

The Play & Display Bags Design Exhibition showcases 20 shortlisted entries of the  PLAY A Bag Design Competition 2019 co-organised by the Material Resource Centre (MRC), Smart Creations and Piece of Work. It focuses on the presentation of integrating innovative printing design and new material on bags with the creativity of students from different faculties and schools of PolyU...